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Charles Chin-Rong Lin


Position: Associate Professor
Tel: +886-3-5712121
Ext. 58648
E-mail: charllin@ms7.hinet.net
Last updated: 2019-09-11


2005-2007 Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
2005-2006 Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Architecture, National Chiao Tung University
2002-2005 Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
1998-1999 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture ,National Taipei University of Science and Technology
1993-1994 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture Design, National Taipei Institute of Technology
1992-2000 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Chinese Culture University
1991-1994 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Tunghai University
1986-1992 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture , Chinese Culture University

Research Fields

Urban and Regional Studies, Public policy analysis, Community development, Architectural planning and analusis, Landscape and space theorise, Preservation of cultural heritage

Journal Papers

2009 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 2009, ” Innovation in Urban Development: A Taiwan Asset”, the Keynote speech, the 33rd International Urban Development Association INTA Congress Conference, Kaohsiung and Taipei, Oct. 2009
2009 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 2009, ”CREATIVE CITIES AND URBAN GOVERNANCE: A TALE OF TWO CITES IN TAIWAN - TAIPEI AND KAOHSIUNG”, IN Carla Fonseca & Peter Kageyama EDS, Creative City Perspectives, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Garimpo de Solucoes
2006 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 2006 , “Urban Infrastructure in Transition: Strategies and the Policy Process of Managing Ecological Environment --- A Kaohsiung Perspective”, Novermember 27, <Proceedings of The 2006 City Forum—Waterfront, Sustainable City Development International Academic Conference)>, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. pp.1-.8.
2005 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 2005, “Urban Regeneration: Kaohsiung’s Cityscape in Transition”, April 15th,<Proceedings of ICSCC 2005 International Conference on Sustainable Culture and Creation, Taiwan>, the Keynote speech, pp.1-15.
2003 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 2003 , “The Development Trend of “Community Design in Taiwan: local lessons from Taipei, Hsinchu and Kaohsiung”,December, 2003,,pp. 10-45.
2001 Charles Chin-Rong Lin,2001, “Planning for High Tech City: The New Agenda on High-Tech Industry and Urban Development Strategies in City of Hsinchu”, <Proceedings of the 2nd WTA Daejeon Technomart International Symposium, World Technopolis Association, Daejeon, South Korea, 2001.>, pp39-60.
1999 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 1999, “The Emerging Mechanism of Urban Design in Preserving the Built Heritage: The Development of the Policy, Tools for Implementation and Case Studies from Taipei City”, <Proceedings of International Symposium of Cultural Heritage and Urban Development, Taiwan, 1999.>, pp24-37.
1998 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 1998 ,“Urban Design in Taiwan: A Proposal for Urban Design Institutional Improvement”, the 22nd International Urban Development Association INTA Conference, Taipei
1997 Charles Chin-Rong Lin, 1997, “The Approach to Enhancing Effective Mechanisms in the Implementation Process of Urban Design Policy in Taipei”, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 1997.

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