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Wei-An Chang


Position: Professor
Tel: +886-3-5712121
Ext. 58666
E-mail: wachang@nctu.edu.tw
Last updated: 2019-12-05

Research Fields

Sociological Theory, Economic Sociology, Information Society Research, and Hakka Studies

Current Position

Professor, Joint Appointment with the Institute of Hakka Cultural Studies, National Central University, Taoyuan
Professor, Joint Appointment with the Institute of Sociology, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu
Director, International Center of Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu
Dean, College of Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu
Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu

Academic Service

Executive Supervisor, The Association of New Taiwan Hakka Culture
Executive Director, The Association of Taiwanese Hakka Studies
Editorial Board, Journal of Advanced Technology and Management, National Central University
Editorial Board, Journal of Hakka Studies, National Central University
Editorial Board, Journal of Community Work and Studies, Taiwan Community Work and Research Association
Editor-in-Chief, Hakka Studies Book Series, National Central University
Editor-in-Chief, Global Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung University
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society, Taiwan Academy for Information Society

Education and Academic Experience

Visiting Scholar, National University of Singapore
Visiting Scholar, Australian National University, Cambera
Visiting Scholar, University of Washington, Seattle
Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Boston
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis
Ph.D. (1987) , Department of Sociology, Tung Hai University


  In 2012, I was invited to take the position as the Dean of the College of Hakka Studies at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU); ever since then, I have devoted even more significantly into the academic research and promotion of Hakka studies as well as the administrative operation of NCTU. I have been working with many potential young scholars and have established periodical journals such as Global Hakka Studies. I am also executing projects like the Japan Hakka Research Project, South East Asian Hakka Research Project, Hakka Ethnic Groups and Government Policy Research Project and etc. Last but not the least, I’ve recently published a book titled South East Asian Hakka and Surroundings (published by National Central University Publishing). My other book titled The Religion Belief of South East Asian Hakka will also be published in the near future.
   (3) Hakka research perspective: achievements include co-publishing “Hakka Culture and Industry Innovation: Analysis of Hakka Tung Flower Festival in 2004” with Ms. Wen-Jun Wang, and “Analysis of Taiwanese Hakka Society and Economy” and “The Analysis of Social Economic Status of Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka” with Professor Yih-Jyh Hwang. Individual or cooperative working papers include “Hakka Propagation Rights: Politics and Social Movement”, “Hakka’s Culture Rights: An Social Analysis of Hakka Television Chanel Establishment”, “South East Asian Hakka Ethnic Identity—Students with Hakka Backgrounds”, “South East Asian Hakka Social Economic Analysis—Hui Guan as a Case”, “Hakka Image: The Myth of Don't Get Marry with Hakkanese Men”, “Market and Government Policy: Hakka Education Policy Analysis”, “Hakka Culture and Industry Innovation”, “Social Memory and Invention of Tradition: Taiwanese Hakka Social Economic Analysis”, “Dispersion and affiliation: Research of Hakka Issues”, “Distribution of Taiwanese Hakka and its Economic Activities”, “Social Media Representation of Hakka: Analysis of 2003 UDN Report on Hakka Related Photos and Description”, “On the Development of Overseas Hakka and its Online Research Resource”, “Who’s Memory? Who’s God? Role of Yi-Ming in Taiwanese Hakka Discourse” and “Bring in Local Writer: An Approach of Local Taiwanese Hakka Researcher”. In addition, other accomplishments and published books are: Economic Changes and Tradition Making: Hakka Culture Industry in the Route 3 North Taiwan, Taiwan Hakka History, and The Documentary of the History of Taiwanese Hakka. All three books were published by Taiwan Historica. Other papers are “Essays on Hakka Public Policy Forum” (Published by Hakka Affairs Council) and “Miaoli Region Accessory and Ceramics Industry” (Published by International Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli Country). Other research plans and unpublished related reports are as follows, “Exploring Taiwan Hakka Entrepreneurs”, “Report of Taiwanese Hakka Related Research” and “Memory, Identity and Ethnic Groups: Ethnic Memory and Development of Taiwanese Hakka Consciousness”.
  (2) Information and internet society: Related accomplishments include “Information Technology’s Unexpected Effect on Society”, “The Electronic Frontiers of Children in the Generation of Internet”, and “The Quality and Limitation of Text Modules on Online Interviews”. Other individual or cooperative working papers include “The Stigma of Internet Cafe”, “The Application of Worldwide Web to Rural Tourism”, “The Foundation and Risk of Credit Card Finance”, ”Opportunities and Courtesies of Multilingual Domain Names”, “Internet and the Recovery of Natural Disaster: 921 Earthquake”, “Internet and the Recovery of Natural Disaster: the Observation of Earthquakes in U.S.A and Japan”, “3rd Edition: Internet and Recovery of Natural Disaster”, “Beyond Bureaucracy: the evolution of disaster relief in the age of Web 2.0” and “Internet, Social Network, and Economic Sociology: Internet Application and the Industry of Glass Culture in Hsinchu.” I’ve also edited a book titled Internet and the Society, published by NTHU Publishing. All these researches papers and publishing were extension of my studies on internet and natural disaster researches.
  (1) Economic sociology perspective: My research results are as following: published work titled “Government and Industry: the Development Analysis of Taiwan Semiconductor Industry”, including tow related thesis which I co-authored with Professor Mei-Lin Pan, “Economic Movement and Social Relationships: Society Self-Protecting Mechanism Research” and “Flexible Production and Co-operative network: Cooperative Vendor’s Case Study”. Additional working papers include “Development Goals of Hsinchu Science Park”, “Global Chip Provider: Taiwan Semiconductor’s Industry Competitiveness”, and “The Art of Late Comers in the Global Economy: The Taiwanese Model in the Semiconductor Industry”. In addition, I was the editor of a book titled Taiwanese Business Organizational Structure and Competitiveness (published by Linking Books Inc.), and Society and Economy: Social Analysis among Taiwan, Hong Kong and China (published by YCRC). Moreover, exploring the business networking of Hakka entrepreneurs and their personal networks and finance network are all part of my accomplishments for this field of research. After a year of establishment and implementation, the Four River Project, a project aiming to explore economic topics from a geographic-historical point of view, was executed in Hsinchu and Miaoli regions. I have also gain sponsor from NTHU for one of my projects “Project of Upgrading Research for Dong Guan Taiwanese Enterprises in China" from 2011-2013, which was completed with the cooperation of the Department of Economics and the Institute of Law for Science and Technology of NTHU.
  With many years of research and learning experience, beginning from sociology, economic sociology to information society and Hakka research, I’ve built tremendous understanding in these fields and will continue my research on them as I continue my career. Research plans and research results for recent years are: (1) economic sociology, (2) information and internet society, and (3) Hakka culture research:

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