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標題 [院演講公告]6/6(三)14:00-16:00 Donald Braxton (Juniata College, US)
公告時間 2018-05-30 有效期限 2018-11-30

講 者:Professor Donald Braxton (Juniata College, US)

講 題:Digital Humanities: How the Information Age Enables New Questions and New Answers to the Traditional Challenges of the Human Sciences

時間: 2018.6.6 (三) 14:00-16:00,

地點: 國立交通大學客家文化學院HK 115


Professor Braxton's teaching repertoire includes "the evolution of religion in human prehistory, indigenous and tribal cultural context the impact of geography on the evolution of distinct religious traditions, ethnography of religious traditions (especially material culture and behavioral studies using video and biometric tracking), and preservation of cultural artefacts via 3D scanning, archiving, and printing in museum

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