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標題 「全球化下的東南亞」課堂演講:6/12(四)張雯勤[來去緬北萊結山:聲音的重疊與歷史的再現]
公告時間 2014-06-11 有效期限 2014-12-11



Wen-Chin Chang (Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Academia Sinica)

Beyond Borders: Flows of People, Goods, Capital and Intelligence via Mt. Loijie in Northern Shan State of Burma

Interweaving different layers of narrative across time and space, this paper examines a
complex politico-economic history centered in Loijie of northern Shan State, Burma,
during the Cold War period. Since the 1950s, a range of ethnic military groups were
entrenched in this area, including the remnant Chinese Nationalist troops (the KMT),
Khun Sa’s Shan army, Luo Xinhan’s Kokgang army and several minor Shan and Wa
forces. Before the Communist Party of Burma controlled the Wa Hills in the east of
the Salween River in 1973, the fore mentioned armed groups undertook military-cum-
economic activities over the Wa Hills and also across the borders to China, Laos and
Thailand. Loijie was a major base of these groups in the Shan State that facilitated
circulations of personnel, supplies, commodities, capital and intelligence. While
formulating a complex politico-economic landscape of the region, these various
military entities’ entrenchment, activated by their collaboration as well as competition
and conflicts, made great impacts on local people’s everyday lives, including
continuous migration and shifting affiliation with these armed groups. Drawing on
narratives from local civilians, ex-military men, archives of the KMT and Burmese
official publications, I attempt to reconstruct an intriguing history intersecting
state and non-state powers beyond Burmese national borders. Specifically, the talk
investigates a few questions: How did this development take place? How did these
ethnic entities challenged the Burmese central state’s legitimacy and sovereignty?
What is its significance to our understanding of “place” or “geography” in connection
with human mobility, economic life and political activities?

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