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The graduate program of ethnicity and culture in our department focuses on studies of ethnicity from various perspectives, including sociology, anthropology, history and literature. By examining the active new roles ethnicity plays in the contemporary social dynamic, our program sets out to explore phenomena in the globally constructed new context. We design the curriculum to train students in both theoretical approaches and research methodologies in order to explore the presentation and representation of ethnicity in the past and the present. The broad spectrum over which the courses cover helps students develop their research interests, and formulate meaningful research questions.

Required courses

Course credit type
Special Topics on Hakka Society and Culture 3 required
Theories of Ethnicity 3 required
Seminar(I).(II) 2 required
Thesis Research (I) .(II) 4 required

The schedule suggested for required courses:
course credit Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Special Topic on Hakka Society and Culture 3 v - - -
Theories of Ethnicity 3 - v - -
Seminar (I).(II) 2 v v - -
Thesis Research (I).(II) 4 - - v v

Elective courses: 15 credits are required from elective courses

Course credit type
Sociological Theories 3 elective
Theory in Anthropology 3 elective
Special topics on Local Histories 3 elective
Social Movements  3 elective
Ethnic Relations in Taiwan 3 elective
Economic Anthropology 3 elective
Cultural Industries and Culture Analysis 3 elective
Hakka and Taiwan Society 3 elective
Fieldwork Methodology  3 elective
Maritime History of Taiwan 3 elective
A Seminar on Wu Zhuoliu 3 elective
Culture and Power 3 elective
Religion and Popular Culture in Late Imperial China  3 elective
Seminar on Ethnic Identity 3 elective
Community Studies 3 elective
Overseas Hakka Studies 3 elective
Ethnographies, Manuscripts and Loacl Histories 3 elective

3 credits of elective courses from other institutes are required.

Graduate course map

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