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Graduate Papers

Name Topic Advisor
107 Li, Xiao-Nan The Fertility Decision-making Process of Chinese Working Women in Wuhan under the Two-child Policy Shen, Hsiu-Hua & Lin, Wen-Ling
107 Wu,Ming-Chu The research of Taiwanese family business succession-A case study of Yungshin Pharm (1952-2016) Huang, Shaw Herng
107 Ho, Chia-Chi State and the Emergence of Romantic Route 3 from Guanxi to Zhuolan Chang, Wei-An
107 Lin, Chih-Ying Rethinking Chinese Ancestors Worship── A Case Study of Lin Family’s Relocating in the Eastern Taiwan Chien, Mei- Ling
107 Hung, Ci-Yu The Reconstruction of Food Culture and The Meaning of Food as Cultural Heritage: A Case Study in Rinari Kucapungane Lee, Chiao-Hung & Chang, Wei-Chi
107 Yeh,Yu-Jen Becoming a Caucau : A Process of the Cultural Revitalization in Kaviyangan Chien, Mei-Ling & Chang,Wei-Chi
107 Huang,Yu-Wen “Doing Community” in Toucheng: The Imaginary of Remaking Community. Lo,Lieh-Shih
106 Tu, Yueh Chou Returning to our mountain “Mowsa dgiyaq ka nami”: Study of the relationship between emotion and ethnic identity in the Truku youth, Taiwan. Chien, Mei-Ling & Lin, Ching-Hsiu
106 Chu, Hong_Yan Immigration and Multiculturalism: the Social Foundations of Naturalization Policies in Taiwan Chang, Wei-An
106 Chung,Chi-Hui Dressing Hakka—the Exhibited Luodai Ancient Town Chang,Wei-An
106 Hsu,Jui-Chun Museums, Local Communities and Their Agencies: Comparison between Pingtung's Hakka Museum in Taiwan and Char Yong (Dabu) Association of Singapore Lin,Hsiu-Hsin
106 Chang, Chi-Chun French on the Tinland:History, Memory and Nationalism of Kampar, Malaysia Lo, Lieh-Shi
106 Liu, Tzu-Hua Study on the Capon Culture in Qionglin of Hsinchu County Liu, Ta-Ho
106 Lin, Tzu-Chi Perspectives in Multicultural Education of Malaysia Chinese Independent School Education: Pei Yuan High School in Kampar Perak as an Example Lo, Lieh-Shih
106 Lin, Ting-Hao Body, Perception and Cultural Learning: An Ethnographic Study on Martial Arts Chien, Mei-Ling
106 Lin, Du-Han Transforming Industrial-Agricultural Relationship : Social reconstruction of illegal factories in a Taiwanese village Chuang, Ya-Chung
106 Huang, Ling-Yu The Survival Strategies of Taiwanese Twitch Streamers During 2011-2016 Lin, Wen-Ling
105 Cheng, Po-Yu Bricolaging New Peasantry in Taiwan: Shuttling between the Old and the New Tsai, Yen-Ling
105 Lee, Shan-Ju Agricultural Transformation and Community Consciousness in Jiu-qiong Lake Da-Ping Community Hsinchu County Lo, Lieh-Shih
104 Tse, Tsoi Sin Those Memories in the Rituals︰ Histories of Hong Kongers and their Identity Tendencies bearing in the June-Fourth Candlelight Vigils Lian, Rui-Zhi & Li, Chiao-Hong
104 Lin, Mei-Chen Landscape and Power: the past and the present of the living space in Liujia, Zhubei Chuang, Ya-Chung
104 Liew, Yee-Shin Chinese Dialect Groups and their Economic Activities in Kuching Waterfront Bazaar Sarawak (1840-1950) Lo, Lieh-Shih
104 Li, Mo Resistant Agency of Cyber-subaltern Under the Internet Governance in China Lee, Chiao-Hung
104 Yeh, Ming-Cheng The Intersection of Country and City: Locality and Community Reconstruction Occurs in a Taiwanese Village Chuang, Ya-Chung
103 Kao, Tzu-Ya The Myth of Key Components-The Cultural Analysis of Common Engine Lin, Chung-His and Chuang, Ya-Chung
103 Hu, Wen-Chi Video Sharing Website: How do Affordances Affect Amateurs and the Practice of Creativity Lin Wen-Ling
103 Hung, I-Chun Competition and Cooperation in Cultural Trade: Monopoly, Conflict and Defense Liu, Ta-Ho
103 Lin, Wei-Ting The Formation and Transformation of Place Guarding in Sui-yuan Village in Hsinchu Chuang,Ya-Chung
103 Yen, Hsun-Yeh Diasporic Experiences and Memories of Place of Mainlander Chinese in Taipei’s Zhonghua Market (1950-2001) Huang, Shaw-Herng&Chien, Mei-Ling
103 Fang, Kong-Ling A Road of Leaving Home or Going Home: The Space and Power Relation of the Jianshih Road Development. Chuang, Ya-Chung
103 Liu,Liang-Yu A Dilemma of Freedom:Inter-Politics of Conventional and Organic Rice Agriculture in Chihshang(1984-2016) Tsai,Yen-Ling
102 Kuo,Yi-Ling Narratives, Performance and The Construction of A Religious Community: A Study of "Baishatun Matsu Website" Lee,Chiao-Hung
102 Chiang,Pei-Ching Pastoral Urbanism:Urban-rural reimaginations and controversies in a Hsinchu farming community Chang,Ya-Chung
102 Chen, Min-Hsuan From 17th Mile to Siburan:Sense of Place and Collective Memory in a Hakka Chinese New Village of Sarawak Lo, Lieh-Shih
102 Chuang, Ching-Yu The Spaces of Capital in Late Development Taiwan- A Case Study from Jhunan Science Park to Keika Alley in Nanzhuang Pan, Mei-Lin
102 Chiao, Chia-Hung From backpackers to waged labors: Experiences of Taiwanese in Australian Working Holiday Pan, Mei-Ling
102 Wu Mei-Yuh Rare Disease in Contemporary Taiwan: An Ethnographic Study Chien, Mei-Ling
101 Liu, Ying-Sin Graphic narrative of cultural creation-Angel's picture books Liu, Tai-ho
101 Chen, Lu-Yi Contemporary Interpretations of Negative Heritage:Kinmen Battlefield Tourism Lu, Sin-Yi
101 Chen, Chen-Yu Assembling Electricity and Marginality: Power and Friction in the Kalinga Region of Northern Luzon, Philippines Tsai, Yen-Ling
101 Yu, Shu-Fan “Masamu”: Marital Dilemma among Contemporary Bunun People─ The Case of palalavi Clan in East Taiwan. Lee, Chiao-Hung
100 Chen, Jiang-Min Space and Memories: An Enthnographic Study of Kinship and A Traditional House in Hsinchu City Chien, Mei-Ling
99 Wu, I-Chuan Creating New Hometown: A Study on Lifestyle Migration in Yilan Lu, Hsin-Yi and Chuang, Ya-Chung
98 Liu, Jen-Hao ICT development and diffusion to social and cultural transition in modern Taiwan Yuan, Benjamin
98 Wei, Wen-Pen The Vicissitudes of Beipu’s Tourist Industry-An Analysis of Beipu’s Historic Culture, Ancient Architecture, and Local Economy Huang, shaw-hern

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