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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers comprehensive training in the Humanities from a Hakka perspective, guides students to translate their social concerns into concrete action, and provides students with balanced, well-rounded viewpoints by focusing on the importance of both technology and humanities. Moreover, the engineering- training environment of NCTU makes realizing humanistic aspirations all the more challenging and inspiring for students.

The coursework for freshman and sophomore students focuses on crossdisciplinary knowledge instead of limited subjects. By engaging students in hands-on activities and immersing them in theoretical studies, we hope to help students learn how to turn humanistic thinking into concrete action. Juniors and seniors can choose to major or minor in a variety of programs such as the Program of Hakka Society and Culture, the Program of Anthropology and Sociology, the Program of Ethnicity and culture, and the Program of Cultural Industry.


After receiving comprehensive training in Hakka Culture, Humanities, Social Sciences, and cross-disciplinary studies, students can pursue higher degrees in fields of their interest, such as Anthropology, Sociology, History, Economics, Image Studies, and Aesthetics. Students can also work in cultural industries such as publishing, historical analysis, literature, art, aesthetics, or drama. Graduates of our department are poised to bring humanistic light to a society desperately in need of culture and order. Moreover, students are also eligible to pursue careers in government agencies, such as the Council for Hakka Affairs and the Council for Cultural Affairs in policy studies, or executive positions.

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