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Time Title
2016-07-28 『Teacher Evaluation Form』& the first stage of course selection.
2015-06-01 【Speech Inform】6/10(Wed) From Relational Identity to Specific Identity - on Equality and Nationality
2015-05-08 Speech Information: 5/27(Wed)World Studies and the Global Racial Line; 5/28(Thur)Postsocialism and the Question of Theory
2015-01-08 【Lecture Series: 2014 Fall Semester】1/14(Wed) An Education of the Opposition
2015-01-01 【Lecture Series: 2014 Fall Semester】1/7(Wed) What is Contemporary Architecture? Discussing the Intricate Relationships of History and Politics via Architecture
2014-12-16 Conference on Taiwan, the Land Colonialisms Made (Dec.18-19, 2014)
2014-12-14 NCTU AY2015-2016 Outbound Exchange Program (1st Intake)
2014-11-28 【Lecture Series: 2014 Fall Semester】12/3(Wed)19:00-21:00 What is Café Philo?
2014-10-27 【Lecture Series: 2014 Fall Semester】 10/29(Wed) Soft Power of the Humanities and Social Sciences
2014-10-10 Lecture Series: 2014 Fall Semester Seminar Course
2014-09-16 Online Course Selections Starts for 2014 (103A)--due date:9/16
2014-08-14 Freshmen Course Registration
2014-07-01 【Activity information】2014 Sum Camp of Ethnicity and Culture
2014-06-11 Speech:2014/6/12 Wen-Chin,Chang[Beyond Borders--Flows of People, Goods, Capital and Intelligence via Mt. Loijie in Northern Shan State of Burma]
2014-05-13 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】5/21(Wed) From Historical Documents to a Documentary Film: A Case Study of Rebuilding Tongan Ships
2014-04-29 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】5/7(Wed) My Experience of Teaching The Red Chamber at Coursera
2014-04-23 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】4/25(Fri) Decoding Manga: Taiwan and Japan
2014-04-16 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】4/23(Wed) Walking in the Rich Garden of Creative Writing
2014-04-16 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】4/9(Wed) An Analysis of Hakka Cultural Creative Industries and Local Festivals
2014-04-16 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】3/26(Wed) The Mechanism of Japanese Publishers in Translating Taiwanese Culture: the Example of Earth and Soul
2014-04-16 【Lecture Series: 2014 Spring】3/12(Wed) Culture-led Regional Regeneration: Who is Leading the Way?
2014-04-16 Lecture Series: 2014 Spring Semester Seminar Course
2013-12-10 Lecture Series: Theater and Philosophy from Plato to the present
2013-12-01 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: Let the world confront: the value and ethics laws of oral histories
2013-11-24 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: Painting as real-- photography and funerary portrait of Taiwan cultural history
2013-11-16 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: Immigrating (Labor+Sex)
2013-11-04 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: Hakka Queerness
2013-10-31 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: New citizens Emotion: Contemporary sex / gender and political issues
2013-10-16 Lecture Series of 2013 Fall: Sustainable development of United Nation and dilemmas in Taiwan’s Sustainable development
2013-10-14 【Lecture Series】Many Persephones--Shakespeare’s Heroines and fading memories of the Pomegranate

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