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Year Name Project
108 Ya-Chung Chuang Urban Gardening: Revisiting Nature and Place
108 Chun - Hui Ho The study of dialect on the border between Min and Hakka: Dialect distribution, language contact, and the migration of ethnic groups in Liancheng of Western Fujian
107 Chao-Ching Ko Culture Nexus of Power, Public Spheres and Collective Memory: a comparative Study of Two Malaysia federal Hakka associations.
107 Mei-Lin Pan Sacred Retreated? - Economic Survival Strategies of Democratized Tibetan-Government-in-Exile
107 Wei-An Chang Ethnic Relations along the Route 3 in North Taiwan: Economy, Religion and the Emergence of Hakka Zone
107 Wen-Ling Lin A Study on Photo Archives of Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples from the 1950s to the 1960s
106 Ya-Chung Chuang Weather-world: Wind Power, Landscapes and Communities in Metropolitan Hsinchu
106 Yen-ling Tsai Love in Time of Golden Snails: Multi-species co-livability in postindustrial precarity
106 Yen-ling Tsai Discrepant Cosmopolitanisms: Bandung, Formosa, and the Asian 1950s
105 Wei-Der Shu “Ethicization” of Hakka in Post-war Taiwan : An Application of a Multi-dimensional Developmental Model of “Ethnic Formation”
105 Wen-Ling Lin Database and Website Development to Support the Teaching of Indigenous History and Social Issues in Higher Education
105 Mei-Lin Pan Ethnic Mobilization for the Republic of China: The Tibetan Policy of Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission
105 Hsiu-Hsin Lin Ethnicity Construction in Consciousness and the Trans-Ethnicity Mobilization: The Tension between the Globalization, Nationalism and Ethnicity-based Social Entrepreneurship along the Tai-San Route
105 Mei-Lin Chien Translation, Trans-boarding, and Everyday Life: The Emergence and Transformation of the Ethnic Experiences of The Overseas and Taiwanese Hakka
105 Chiao-Hong Li Making 'ancestral place': cultural politics and identification in Hakka pilgrimage
105 Ruizhi Lian Hinterland of the Borderland: Worship, Ritual and Temple Networks in Southwest China
105 Yi-Hsi Chang Yangming learning, literarure renaissance and literary society: on the literary societies of eight-legged essays in Jiangxi province from late Ming to early Ch'ing(Ⅱ, Ⅲ)
105 Shaw-Herng Huang The establishment and development of Bank of Taiwan , and her position : from the dimension of policy making.
104 Yi-Hsi Chang Yangming learning, literarure renaissance and literary society: on the literary societies of eight-legged essays in Jiangxi province from late Ming to early Ch'ing
104 Wei-An Chang Museums and the (re)production of Hakka images: a comparative study of Taiwan, Southeast Asia and China
104 Wei-Der Shu Measuring "Hakka Identity" --- Development and Validation of "Multidimensional Measure of Hakka Identity"
104 Ya-Chung Chuang The Science Park and the Communities: Urban-Rural Reimaginations and Local Politics
103 Wei-An Chang Ethnic Imagination and the Construction of Global Hakka Network: the Role of Taiwan Experience
103 Mei-Lin Chien Global Hakka Formation: Taiwan Experience and the Emergence of Multilevel Ethnic Imagination- Project 6: Hakka Women's Imagination and Representation of Diaspora, Homeland and Ethnicity
103 Yen-ling Tsai Affective Economies in the Age of Precarity: A Study of Agrarian Renaissance in Taiwan
103 Mei-Lin Pan Stratified Refugees: Legal Status and Economic Opportunity of Exiled Tibetan in India and Nepal
103 Wen-Ling Lin Indigenous rights movement in the digital age
103 Yi-Hsi Chang The development of the literary societies of Jiangxi in late Ming dynasty and their cultural practice in the trends of back to the ancients
102 Hsiu-Hsin Lin The Relation between Local Grassroots Organization and Local Politics
102 Rui-Jui Lien Reconstructing Sacred Site: Political Ethnicity and Border Identity of Dali Society
101 Ya-Chung Chuang Urbanism and New Farmers' Movements in Contemporary Taiwan
101 Wen-Ling Lin How to Make Sex/Gender: A Field Study of Medical Treatments for Sex Reassignment
101 Mei-Lin Pan Tibetan Refugee Carpet Industry: The Comparison Between Co-Operative and Capitalist
101 Tsai Yen-ling Struggling for Global New Ruralism: A Study of Serikat Petani Indonesia(SPI)
100 Mei-Lin Chien Multiple Modernities of The Minority in Southwest China- Project 4: Life Historical Narrations and The Rural Immigrants in West China (1930-2010)
100 I-Hsi Chang Study in the Context of Cultural History on Literary Society,Religious Trend and Local Society in Jiangxi Province of Late Ming Dynasty
100 Hsiu-Hsin Lin The Politic of Everyday Life in the Local Community
100 Mei-Ling Pan The Tibetan Carpet Industry in Nepal: A Developmental Model of Refugee Economy?
99 Rui-Jui Lien The Political Ethnics of Sacred Sites and Indigenous Societies: The Research of Dali and Weishan, Southwest China
99 Tsai Yen-ling Strangers Who Are Not Foreign : Intimate Exclusion and Racialized Boundary in Urban Indonesia
99 Wei-An Chang Thai Pak Kong Studies: a comparative study of Penang and Sibu in Malaysia
99 Wen-Ling Lin Doing Gender of Indigenous Sissies: Intersecting between Labor Production and Social Solidarity (1/2)
99 Hsiu-Hsin Lin Exploring the Symbolic Construction of Community through the Making of Cosmology
98 I-Hsi Chang The Intellectual Trends and Cultural World in the Early Ming Dynasty
98 Mei-Lin Pan Refugee's Ethnic Economy: Exiled Tibetan's Sweater Selling Business in India

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